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Marketing Tips for the Energy and Power Industry

With the advent of power company deregulation, alternative electricity providers have risen. This leads to competition among providers. Thus, to remain competitive, power industry marketing is of utmost importance. To effectively market your power industry company, one must take into account new developments in the power and energy industry, as well as new developments in marketing.

Marketing should start with a unique and professionally designed company logo, because this is usually the first impression. It should be creative, but focused and help the potential customer understand what your company is all about. It needs to be of high quality as well. It should be something so magnetic that your company will be branded by its look. Whenever someone sees your logo, they should immediately recognize your company and the brand. Hiring a skilled graphic arts designer should be your company’s first step to getting a quality logo.

Precisely and effectively delivering your company’s message should be another important aspect of marketing efforts. This should be a brief description of what your company does, adapted for each type of your customer bases, such as long-term customers vs. new customers vs. potential customers vs. investors, etc.

To develop a snappy message your company should interview or survey employees, executives, customers, and anyone who has a connection to your power company. Examine their commentary and find a message that appeals to all. Understanding how internal and external customers view your company is essential.

No power industry marketing effort can afford to ignore the presence of the Internet. Mostly everyone goes to the Internet first when looking for information or products. This means every progressive company must have a website presence. To be effective, the website must look professional, portray your company in a positive way, and showcase its capability to provide the services and prices that customers are looking for. Having a method for current customers and potential customers to readily contact company employees is one of the biggest pluses in remaining competitive. Customer support cannot be underrated.

With the rise of the Internet, online video marketing has become the standard. Savvy marketers use videos as a way to enhance their company’s message and brand. Like the old saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, “a video is worth a thousand more”.

With alternative power companies being relatively new or new in the sense of marketing to the masses, it is important to let the public know what your company does, and how capable they are to supply energy needs at a reduced cost over public utilities. What better way to do this than with online video marketing?

Videos go a long way toward being able to illustrate to customers how your company is a better option. It helps them understand how your company is able to provide the best services at the lowest rate. Online video marketing done right is also a cheaper alternative to television commercial advertising. When done right, it can’t be denied.

One last tip on marketing your power industry company is to seek to appeal to different categories of your customer base. To appeal to investors, you will need a totally different approach. To appeal to new customers you should consider a different approach than marketing to present customers. If you wish to hire new employees then you should have a unique approach to draw in potential candidates. Create a marketing strategy for the audience from which you are trying to grab attention.

All in all, the success of your power industry organization revolves around your marketing efforts. The only way to gain the customer base you need is with the effective execution of your marketing plan. Following the above tips will enable you to design a perfect marketing campaign.

Competitors will assuredly be using their marketing efforts to capture your customers and investors. You have to be as intense as they are in order to compete on an equal and level playing field. Don’t get overly wrapped up in what others are doing, but stay keen and do good business, success will surely follow. Good luck on your endeavors.