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How To Become A Marketing Success Online By Spending Only A Few Hours A Day Working From Your Laptop

80% of Your Success Comes From the Product You Choose

The golden rule of becoming a marketing success online is choosing your products wisely. Your time is well-spent trying to make good products better; not by trying to make bad products good or better products outstanding. For example, don’t choose a product with bad reputation for promotion because your limited experience as a beginner can hold you back on many levels, eventually failing your campaign, not to mention the wasted money and frustration. This is the same with widely popular products that are sold by everyone on the internet. Simply put, it is important to find the right balance between quality and exposure when you choose a product. This rule is applicable for those trying to make money from selling a service online too.

Remember, YOU CANNOT BECOME A MARKETING SUCCESS online without the right product. Your campaign could kick-off the right way with any product initially, but the enthusiasm will dry down if the product/service fails to deliver something valuable.

Social Media Marketing – The Internet Marketer’s Sure Shot To Success

If you want to learn how to become a marketing success online by spending only a few hours a day working from your lap top or PC, you can’t ignore social media marketing because social media marketing is a sure shot to marketing success at a budget. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are the most popular social media channels. There are many advantages in using these platforms for marketing:

Cost – Social media marketing is the most economical way to promote yourself to your customers. Facebook and Twitter can be used effectively to build thousands of followers and communicating with your followers is very cheap. Although, Facebook recently launched Facebook Ads for gaining more likes and followers for your business page, it is not necessary to advertise on Facebook to stay in touch with your readers. You can get thousands of followers by associating with your friends and like-minded businesses.

Reach – Don’t underestimate the efficacy of social media marketing because of the low cost associated with it. You can get a lot of traffic, sometimes more than that of search engines, with the right social media campaign. The trick is to use friendly posts and eye-catching images that help you to get more followers.

Time – When you are looking for a way to become a marketing success online by spending just a few hours in front of your PC each day, social media marketing is most likely the best choice out there because an aggressive social media campaign can’t take away more than 2 hours from your day. If you post more than 4 times a day to Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, you are simply being annoying. 4 posts a day is not only achievable but it can be done within 2 hours of your time, without compromising on quality.

PPC Campaigns – Bringing Your Customers the Easy Way

PPC campaigns are not for everyone. Even a small campaign can put a dent on your marketing budget but there are not many internet marketing techniques that deliver the same results within no time. PPC campaign is your perfect choice if you want to outrank all your competition – at least for one search term – so that your clients find you immediately. Let’s say you set up a design studio or started a software development business: your next challenge is to find customers that are interested in your services. While there are many ways to promote your business, using search engine traffic to find clients help you to avoid middlemen and get in touch with them directly. If your communications are fast and professional, chances are that the client won’t look for a second option. This could bring some immediate customers for your business.

This is the same with products that could benefit from exposure. If you are selling a new weight loss pill or a mobile app, you can win many customers before someone else find out about you. This is why affiliate marketers usually spend a lot of money on PPC advertisement. This helps them to outrank their competitions that are likely selling the same, or very similar, products. This brings them more business, which they re-invest to the PPC campaign, thus dominating the search engine traffic for most search terms.

PPC Campaign Tips

To make sure that your PPC campaign kicks offs the right way, you can follow these tips:

Invest On Converting Keywords – One of the common mistakes that many internets marketing newbie commit is investing their money on high-traffic keywords. There are many downsides to it: first off, these keywords are usually pricier because of the high search volume and secondly, their conversion ratio doesn’t necessarily have to be excellent. Instead of exhausting your budget on expensive, poorly converting keywords, find out keyword groups that have a very high conversion potential. “Best sites to buy diet pills in UK” is a good example. However, this keyword targets the whole of UK, which could make it an expensive keyword. An alternative search term, “Best sites to buy diet pills in Manchester” could have a lower traffic volume but the cost per click of this term could be just a fraction of the ‘UK’ keyword.

Don’t Set and Forget – If you really want to learn how to become a marketing success online by spending only a few hours a day working from your lap top or PC, you should invest your time wisely. In order to invest your time wisely, it is important to learn keyword management. Monitor the performance of each paid keyword and its performance so that you can get more for your money.

Example: you spend $1 on a keyword that brings 1,000 visitors and the conversion ratio is 10%. You spend $1,000 for 100 sales.

A second keyword of $3 has a conversation ratio of 20% and brings 800 visitors. You spend $2,400 for 160 sales. The additional 60 sales that you generate cost you $1,400.

Blogging – Why Bloggers Make the Best Internet Marketers?

One of the most common notions about blogging is that ‘blogging is for those that love to write.’ While writing is a very good quality to create quality posts that can attract visitors, money and followership, good bloggers make their name not for their writing skills, but they have something unique to share with the world. For example, the blog ‘Zen Habits’ share many ideas on frugal living and staying happier than others. While there are thousands of blogs that share the same theme, Zen Habits is probably the most popular blog in this niche. It is hard to believe Zen Habits made it to the top with its writing style, although it has a very nice tone. It is more likely that the blog gained a followership because it educates its readers and the information you find on Zen Habits is usually very unique.

If you want to learn how to become a marketing success online by spending only a few hours a day working from your lap top or PC, learn the art of blogging. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Choose A Niche Wisely – Always choose a niche that you can comfortably write and you are an expert on. This will also help you with the sales of your products because it is very difficult to pretend as an expert of something, if you really don’t know what you are talking about. Gaming PCs for example, are bought by gaming freaks that usually have superior knowledge on computer hardware. They are quick to find the writer’s mistakes and assess a writer’s expertise on the topic. If you try selling gaming PCs without knowing or learning much about them, chances are that your blog will fail.

Improve On The Art Of Blogging – It is not necessary to be a wordsmith to get the most out of your blog. If you are a designer, using outstanding graphic images and small videos to share your thoughts with the readers is as effective as writing. Follow at least 5 expert blogs and learn from them each week. If you are planning to spend 2-3 hours a day for blogging, at least 1 hour should be spend on learning blogging tips and getting new ideas from expert bloggers.

Be Consistent – Experts all agree that it is the consistency of blog posts, not the number of posts that make a blogger click. If you can write only one post a week, that’s fine. However, make sure to set a date and time of each week when you publish your new post. This should be an on-going process and your readers should never be disappointed.

How to become a marketing success online by spending only a few hours a day working from your lap top or PC – Final Thoughts

It is not necessary to spend endless hours in front of your PC each day to be a marketing success. You can create a successful marketing campaign by spending just 2 hours a day. The most important thing about any marketing initiative, be it social media marketing, blogging or PPC advertisement, is that you should spend at least one hour a day to learn more about the techniques used by successful marketers. You need to constantly improve your knowledge and outsmart you each time.

Remember that money and volume are not necessarily the ingredients for success. You should focus on consistency and social skills to develop an online identity. Last but not the least is confidence: never give up on your campaign halfway. You’ll never know when success finally strikes you. Get involved with something that you can do at least for 2 years because this is the timeframe to judge the outcome of an online marketing campaign. Even if you failed to promote a product or service, you need not worry because these 2 years will make you one of the best internet marketers out there!